Help with "quick entry" date problem

I’m having a problem entering dates with “Quick Entry.” There appears to be a bug.

The problem: Using my keyboard, if I add a project and a tag to an item, I am then no longer able to enter a due date or a defer date. I have to save the entry, find it in my OmniFocus database, and then enter a date.

I can only enter dates if I enter them before I add a tag or a project.

Is there a way to avoid this? Can I enter this information in this order: project, tag, and date?

I would like to avoid scrolling through an item twice or having to find it in my database and then reenter the appropriate information.

The OmniGroup does not monitor these forum posts. If you do not get any response from the community here, you should send in a support request. Go to the help menu and select contact Omni.

For my part, I’ve never experienced this behavior and I work in the Quick Entry window regularly. So, I do not have any suggestions to offer. Posting a screenshot or video here might be helpful if you can.

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