Help with representing a 6 sequential tasks in Omnifocus


I have been using omnifocus for a few years now. Every month I have to do six tasks related to a responsibility that I have. I’m having a hard time represent this in Omnifocus. What I tried to do is:

  1. Create a top level task called “Perform Follow ups to Board” This has a deferred date of let’s say tomorrow.
  2. Then underneath this task, I have 6 individual items.

What I need to represent is that when I start the “Perform Follow ups to Board” then the first item is available. Once I complete that, then the second was is completed. It isn’t until all 6 is completed until the “Perform Follow ups to Board” is completed.

Can someone provide some insight on the best way to represent this within Omnifocus?


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Here, I think a sequential project is in order. Setting the project to sequential and having a view that only shows available tasks gives exactly the behaviour you are describing, along with setting it so that completing the last task completes the project. You can also set repeat on the project so that it reoccurs as you need it to.

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I have lots of these sorts of repeating tasks. I have my default set so that all new projects are sequential not parallel. Then I set the project to repeat on the schedule I need. For example: I have this recurring project that happens every year. I can’t set the start and due dates until the lambs are born which depends on when the rams go in so I have the whole thing set to kick off after lambing. We have 3 batches of lambs usually, and the shots have to be given at specific ages. Once the first shot is given the second is a specific number of days afterwards so the timeframe gets tighter as each task gets completed. I tried to figure out how to indent the pieces but I can’t make it work.

Lamb Vaccinations - Project set as sequential
Set dates for Vaccinating early lambs
Set dates for Vaccinating middle lambs
Set dates for Vaccinating late lambs
Vaccinate early lambs
Vaccinate early lambs 1st shot
Vaccinate early lambs 2nd shot
Vaccinate middle lambs
Vaccinate middle lambs 1st shot
Vaccinate middle lambs 2nd shot
Vaccinate late lambs
Vaccinate late lambs 1st shot
Vaccinate late lambs 2nd shot

and I have the entire thing set to mark complete when last task is done and to repeat one year later with the start date set to when I expect lambing to start. I catch and update the start date when I do my spring in-depth quarterly review.

So I appreciate the feedback. So, here is another question. Since these are monthly tasks, should the “Defer and Due Dates” be set on the Project or on the individual tasks. Since I want this to repeat every month, should I repeat the project or the individual tasks?

For example:
Project: HOA Board Functions
Type up Draft Notes
Send to Board for Review
Post Notes to Wordpress Site
Schedule Next Meeting on Calendar
Post Reminder for Next Board Meeting

What is repeating? The project for the individual tasks.

I’m sorry for the basic question, but I’m trying to get a better handle on my Omnifocus Projects.