Help with "Stalled" perspective

Perhaps I don’t understand the “Stalled” perspective. According to the OF2 for Mac user manual, “Stalled” is a “project with no remaining actions (all of its actions have been completed).” Selecting the Stalled perspective from the list of icons along the sidebar (or from the Perspectives menu) always shows me an empty list. This, despite the fact that I have tried several times to “create” a stalled project by marking the last item in a project as complete. By my reading of the definition, that project should now be a stalled project. Yet switching to the stalled perspective – even after pressing Cmd-K – still doesn’t show that definitionally stalled project.

So what don’t I understand? I’ve checked the stalled perspective using the Show Perspectives menu item, and don’t believe I’ve made any changes from the “stock” settings. But even when I try changing those settings, the perspective doesn’t seem to work as advertised.

Please help, because I think the Stalled perspective could be very useful.


I don’t have a default “Stalled” perspective, but I created one using the “Filter projects” setting of “Stalled”, and only my projects with no next action are displayed.

Yes, after writing my post, I realized that the Stalled perspective I had wasn’t a “default” or “built-in” perspective. I’m not sure why I concluded it was, but I was incorrect. I believe I implemented it based on a recommendation I found online. My settings were – and are – the same as the ones you’ve shown here. Neither those settings, nor various attempts at changing them, seemed to work. After a lot of fiddling, though, and even though I ended up back at these same settings, this perspective now seems to be working for me. Not sure why, and not sure whether it will last, but for now this seems to be working for me. Black magic? User error? Who knows? But thanks for your reply.

Took me second to figure it out, but for anyone who can’t see anything with the settings above create a test project with no tasks. I sat there for 10 minutes wondering what was wrong, when really I just didn’t have any stalled projects. Hopefully this can save someone else some time and a slight headache.