Help with Theme

Hi gang,

I’m wanting to adjust my current theme, but I’m having a couple of problems I’m hoping someone could help out with?

First, the OmniFocusColors app (downloaded from here) won’t open for me, as I get error:

“OmniFocusColors” is damaged and can’t be opened. You should move it to the Trash.

Is this a Sierra Beta thing?

Second, does anyone know which key controls the colour of the text for action groups? That’s the main thing I want to change, but I seem to recall not sorting out how to in the past.



Hi ScottyJ,

Did you grab the new version? We did upload Version 0.8 for Sierra compatibility. If you already have Version 0.8 make sure your Security and Privacy preferences on Sierra are set to Mac App Store and Known Developers and not set to “Mac App Store” only.

There is no color that you can set to control the color of just the action groups, which may be why you can’t find it. The best resource we have for knowing what is possible to set a color for is the visual guide at which has visual examples of what will be changed. If the item isn’t listed, it is not something you can control currently with custom styles. As always, if you feel strongly please do email us a request at so we can track demand.

I hope this gets you unstuck and sorry for the long delay! You may have already gotten the updated version by now, but if not, it is available for download now at the same link you referenced above.