Here's a link to a working script that saves an Outlook email as an OmniFocus task


I had an amazingly difficult time finding a working script that would automatically save an email from Outlook as an OmniFocus task. Google kept directing me to scripts that did NOT work. But at last I was able to find a solution – it’s here at the bottom of a thread on these forums.

The page contains both a script and an Alfred workflow. I’m using the workflow. Enjoy!

OmniFocus 3 with Outlook 2016

I’ve been using Veritrope’s script for a while, and it works very well. Over time I’ve tweaked it to my taste and fixed a couple of things. My latest version is here: (you can find other X-to-omnifocus scripts I use in the same directory).

If you are interested: I use this script (and others) with Hammerspoon, which is an extremely powerful automation tool. I have a few getting-started articles in my blog, a good starting point is this one:


For some reason, I’ve found the script on Veritrope’s page does not work for me. The Alfred automation I linked to above works just fine. I’ll check out Hammerspoon. Thanks!

Email capture: OmniFocus 2 PRO with outlook 2016

Veritrope’s script broke with an Outlook upgrade a few months ago - I submitted the fix but I don’t know if he’s incorporated it. I documented the problem here:


hey @zzamboni,

really appreciate your fixing this and updating with Notification Center details… This is back to normal for me and has returned my productivity… Thanks again!


This script (your updated version) is fantastic. Any chance you made one that works with omnifocus 3?


Zzamboni, do you have a version of your updated script (the one that includes the message and attachment) that works with Omnifocus 3?


The same script works for OF3 - I have continued using it without modification after the upgrade. Did you have any problems with it?


The original works, but I have been using your modified one that gives you the task window and attaches the message. That does not work.

Specifically, this one - that I believe included your modifications for task window / attachment handling:


I’d love a script that pops up a task quick entry window. With the script I’m using, I have to Cmd-Tab to OmniFocus, find the new task, and change the title there. It would be much simpler to have the new task pop up in a quick entry window so I can edit the title (as well as project, tags, and other metadata) immediately before saving.

And I really wish Outlook would support links to individual messages. WTF, Microsoft – this is not the behavior of the 2018 Microsoft I otherwise love; it’s the behavior of pre-2010 crap Microsoft.


does anyone have a script that works to bring outlook message to omnifocus 3? i have been using this one:

but stopped working with latest update.


I am using a version of the Veritrope script, linked to above, possibly modified – I can’t recall. Works great; I just tried it out.