Hidden overdue tasks in contexts view

My contexts view sometimes indicates overdue items when none are visible.

For example, say I switch to Contexts and select the “Errands : Hardware” context.

This indicates 1 remaining task, and 1 overdue task, yet no tasks are visible. Even if I switch the View filter from “Remaining” to “All”, only my old, completed tasks are visible. I can’t find the overdue task (and of course it’s bugging me to not find it!). I haven’t “focused,” either, so everything should be visible.

How can I locate such tasks, and how does this happen? Does this represent a task that’s blocked by some other task? If so, can OF help me trace it back somehow? (Feature idea: Make the red “1 overdue” bubble clickable, to jump straight to that task, even if it’s blocked.)

This is a design flaw that Omni refuses to fix.

This happens when a due item is blocked, e.g., if it’s in a sequential project with an unfinished action above it.

Omni seems to think there is utility in hiding tasks that are due or overdue. I cannot think of a situation where this would be useful. I can think of many situations where this could cause significant harm to your business.

IMHO, due/overdue should never be blocked. Due should transcend and overrule blocking. There should be no circumstances where OF2 should hide a due/overdue action from you.

The workaround is to never put a task with a due date into a sequential project. Ugh.

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Thanks, @anamorph! In the meantime, I suppose I can simply “view all projects” and “view all remaining actions,” then go through all my sequential projects to try and find the offending tasks.