Hide context panel option in custom perspective

I have several custom perspectives that display the context panel to the right of the sidebar tabs. In many of these perspectives, viewing the context panel is not relevant as I have already defined what items should appear in the view. Omnifocus has the option to view/hide the sidebar, unfortunately this collapses both the context panel and the sidebar tabs, too.

It would be nice if on a per-perspective basis we could define whether the context panel is visible or not, similar to how the Inbox collapses that segment of the view. This would allow the user to still see the sidebar tabs, while their perspective would focus on the items based on their configuration. Thoughts?


I don’t disagree.

As a workaround, I have a hotkey for show/hide the sidebar (and inspector and menu bar for that matter) so that I can quickly flip around what the display/experience is like.


Yes, currently this is the closest option. My aim above was to see if my thoughts were off-kilter, or if others found interest in the idea.

I would find this useful. I guess this has to run a course as a feature request. In the meantime, as with @deturbulence, I hide the side bar entirely. I put all the Perspective buttons in the top toolbar area.


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@DrJJWMac Or even hotkey your perspectives and hide the top toolbar, too :)

Custom tool bar needs custom side bar to go with.