Hide Empty Projects from Custom Perspectives


So quick question:

I have an “Available” perspective that shows my stuff with a past date or current day date or no date start date. I noticed that my projects show up in there once available tasks inside them are completed. Is there a way to hide that?

As an example I have a Personal Accounts Payable project that sometimes has nothing in it, it’s a placeholder for when that stuff comes up. Is there a setting or something that I can do so that the Project itself does not show up like other tasks?


Gah…my bad…I found it…Preferences -> Organization -> Uncheck Include Projects and Groups

Does this work for project hierarchy view or only context view as the option name suggests?

I have a project hierarchy view and I want to see only available actions, but it’s also showing a lot of projects with non-active actions that appear empty (as expected) in the perspective. I don’t want to see “empty” projects that don’t contain any available actions. Is this possible?