Hide Folder Path in Perspective

Does anybody know how to hide folder paths in perspectives, or whether that’s possible? I currently have a set-up like this:

  • Work (Folder)
    • Clients (Folder)
      • LAST, First (Folder)
        • Tasks
        • Project A
        • Project B

When I do a custom perspective that includes the ‘LAST, First’ folder, the perspective on iOS shows:

> Work : Clients : LAST, FIRST

This usually involves truncation and ends up with something like:

> Work : C…IRST

Either way, I’d prefer to see my perspective just list “LAST, First” for each client. Is that not possible if I have folders per client? I used to have projects and sub-projects, but wanted to shift to client folders so that I could have zero tasks per client when that’s the case, rather than an incompleted “Client” task that was just serving as the client organizing “folder”.

Make sense?


No dice, huh?

You’d probably have to send a feature request email to OmniFocus@omnigroup.com and let your voice be heard.

One thing I’ve done is to use initials like

Mark Hamill -> HamMar
Harrison Ford -> ForHar

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