Hide names of Projects w/out actions from a Perspective?

I’m trying to create a perspective that just shows a list of available tasks across all projects. My issue is that the Project Name appears in the list when there are no tasks associated with the project. I’m including the view settings I’m using for this perspective. My desired behavior is that the project names DO NOT appear in the list.

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I believe the perspective is going to respect the state of the “Include projects and groups” box in the View settings (the toolbar button that looks like an eye) for Context view.

With that box unchecked, you should get the results you’re looking for, if I understand correctly…

Thanks for the quick response Brian. If you look at the view settings I posted, I do not see a check box for “Include projects and groups”. What am I missing?

Open the “Context” perspective and press the toolbar button that looks like an eye - you’ll see it there. :-)

Outstanding Brian! Thanks!

Brian, I don’t see that choice at all in OF3. I opened the ‘Context’ perspective, pressed the View Options (eye), and I see the standard view options menu. No choice to ‘Include projects and groups’. I’ve also looked in all the custom perspectives.

Note, I’m in my 14 day trial. Are some features hidden there?

I found it. It’s in Preferences->Organization. And yes, all the perspectives seems to respect it. Thanks!