Hide past appointments in Forecast perspective

As far as I understand, the Forecast perspective is for keeping upcoming commitment on the radar. Since the ability to add a tag to this perspective in OmniFocus 3, I, and I assume many other users, have used this perspective as my main view during the day.

However, I would like OmniFocus to hide past appointments in this view, just like it does not show me past tasks. Since an appointment reflects a time-specific commitment, I am sure that I have finished the action at the and of the appointment.

Now, if I consult my Forecast at the end of the day, first I have to scroll past earlier appointments before Insee upcoming tasks and appointments.

Is this possible?

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It’s not currently possible but I seem to recall others wanting this functionality too. Send in a feature request to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to let the team know it would help you to be able to hide passed calendar items.