Hide Tags in custom perspective?

I’ve created a light Today view with some filters etc on iPhone and the only thing disturbing me is that the Tags are also shown with the tasks.

Is there any way not to show tags? Would I need OF for Mac therefore?

I use tags for other perspectives but here I really don’t want to see them, kind of clutter. Is there a way to do so please?

I agree with you, but there isn’t a way to do that now. Please email your feedback to omnifocus@omnigroup.com to vote.


Thank you. It’s a pity. Emailed to Omnigroup.

To work around this I set my Forecast/quick tag to one called “Focus”. I put that tag at the top of my tag list. I create a custom perspective for actions with tag = Focus, group by tag. I keep the top tag group open (Focus) and collapse everything else. The result is a today-style perspective I can re-order.


Sorry, didn’t see your post before. Thanks for the idea, tried it.

Like this or am I’m missing anything ?

Yeah. My my instructions were bad. Including a screenshot this time.

  • order by “Tag Order”
  • Remove “flagged”
  • Remove “any of the following” but keep “tagged with any of the following”

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Wow, my bad - messed up with the sorting as well and didn’t understand why flagged can’t go in as well.
Tagged now all flagged with Focus Tag und excluded the flagged ones and got the Perspective right now - Thank you very, very much!