Hiding 2nd on a sequential project in Perspective?


I´ve got a perspective which is called “Do Today”
which is sorted by the start date, and i´ve got a couple of Projects which a sequential.

But there are the 2nd and the 3rd Step of my Projects in there.
I don´t want to have them because first of all I´ve to do Step one.

I know you could give these Steps a specific color like light grey, but is there an option to view only things I could do today(which have a start date) and now (no specific start date) without the other left steps of my Projects(which cannot have a start date, because I´ve to finished the first to Do) ?

I had a look in the perspective option, but it seems to be not possible.
Of course i could give the 2nd toDo a different start date, but I didn´t know the start date, until the first one is finished…

Can I ask what the availability filter is on your custom perspective? OmniFocus should consider the second task of a sequential project as “unavailable” until the first task is completed. If your perspective is set to show Remaining tasks, then you’ll see all of these items, since they still remain in your database; if it’s set to show only Available tasks, these unavailable items should be filtered out.

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