Hiding column checkboxes for some rows only?


I would like a checkable checkbox on a parent, with no checkboxes on any of its children. According to my understanding and experience, this is currently not possible.


Just dropping in to add another voice wishing for granular control of checkboxes/checklists!

OmniOutliner provides so much beautiful granular control that the current checkbox implementation feels…out of place.


+1 to the sentiment in this thread, and thank you for the back and forth.

For many of the documents I create, I only need to use checkboxes for a minority of the line items. It’s therefore beneficial for me to be able to have row status OFF by default, and only turn it on for certain rows. Currently, the workaround requires me to turn row status ON by default, and turn it off for—almost—every new row I create.

Alternatively, if it were possible to integrate a setting or rule whereby the “row status” was assumed based on adjacent rows or inherited by a parent (e.g., if a row is part of an entire nested list, of which all rows have “none” for status, assign the newly-created row “none” status).


Just a quick ‘hand in the air’ for this feature. What I was looking for was a way to explicitly alter a Style to include/not include checkboxes. So, for example, my document right now needs checkboxes on most Level 3 rows - the ability to automatically apply checkboxes to these and no other Level by default would be a great help.