Hiding/Selecting Tags in Custom Perspective (Edit)

Question 1: Is the Inspector for Mac customizable? I like to have the Repeat option a bit higher up on the screen so I don’t have to scroll.

Question 2: Is there a way to choose or hide the tags you don’t want to see in a custom perspective? Creating a “none” rule removes the task altogether, but I still need to see it b/c it has other relevant tags for that perspective. For Mac, I can highlight the tags I want to see. Is there a way to do that for iOS?

Big thank you.

Just minimized the Action row and Repeat shows up just fine. I’m glad it’s customizable in iOS. Still working on selecting tags in a cp.

It is currently not possible to save a sidebar tag selection in a custom perspective. This is something I have requested.

I suggest you email Omnigroup letting them know you’d like this as well. The more people that ask, the more likely we are to get it.

Bummer. OK, I’ll do that. Thanks!

Do you by any chance know how to add a “none” or “any” rule to a custom perspective on Mac? I can do it on iOS with a bit of moving things around.

option-ciicking on the top + button will give you an any/none section

So, when I click that +, it offers another Availability option. And that drop down doesn’t include none or any. I can change it from all, but some perspectives need an all and a none. I feel like this is right in front of my face, but I can’t see it.

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You need to hold down the option key while you click the button. That will give you a rule group which you can specify either any or none.

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Oh my goodness Duh. Thank you very much.