High-level Home/Work filter

So there are six default perspectives. I would like to create a completely separate headspace for Home & Work. I would like to do it without having to tag dozens of items. What’s the best way?


My approach to this is to have two separate ‘Work’ and ‘Personal’ folders which contain the respective projects/tasks, and then you can ‘Focus’ on one of those folders to only see that subset of tasks.

I also, personally, like to have a ‘Briefcase’ folder which is included in both Focus options, but the utility of that depends on how much overlap there is between the two areas.

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I also use 2 folders (HOME & OFFICE) and within the folders different subfolders with corresponding projects e.g. SAL HOME (Single Action List home), one for the office SAL OFFICE and other ROUTINES HOME, ROUTINES OFFICE, MAYBE HOME, AGENDAS OFFICE… … concrete names for projects with several actions and a lot of self-created perspectives. So I can view/edit my tasks in a differentiated way with just one click.
I don’t use any of the usual tags like desk, phone, mac… because I’m almost always at my desk. I use a tag system like “@today”, “@january”, @next week", “@next quater”, “@info/clarify”, “@february”, “@next year”…, .I am very happy with my omnifocus structure.

I also use the above mentioned 2-folder-approach with custom perspectives for both of them. Works like charm and I never have to see something work related if I don’t want to 😃

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