"home screen" disappeared after upgrade

I’m a recent user. I juste upgraded pro in OF on my iPhone. (i don’t have pro on my mac) and all the “home screen” disappeared (i mean, the classic view with forecast, inbox, flagged, projects, contexts, etc.). I have only “completed”, “modified”, “untitled perspective”. (i translate, because i have french version). (I upload a screenshot).
I send a mail to Omnifocus support. I’m very disturbed…!
Did i make something wrong? Thank you for your help!

Sorry for the bug! That’s a known issue that we’re currently working on and hope to have fixed in an update soon. For now using Reset Home Screen in OmniFocus Settings should get things back to normal for you.

Apologies again for the inconvenience!


thank you so much, you saved me!
Didn’t notice that possibility to reset Home Screen (and guess I wouldn’t dare to use it, before!;)
Now, it is ok. (maybe my mail request can be cancelled, than!). Thank you again.

Whoops… same here, and I forgot about that. Had to rearrange everything :/