Hope to use omnifocus on windows OS

Is there any web version or other solution to use omnifocus on windows OS?

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I think the only way is through a browser using: http://www.spootnik.net/index.html.

Pay close attention to their details regarding the latest OF database format: http://www.spootnik.net/release_notes/20160805.html

I tried this service out a couple of years ago. I had upload my OF data to them. It worked, but doesn’t give you even a fraction of the features of the Mac and iOS version. Barely enough to get by.

Also, you cannot sign up for that anymore.

Take a look at https://razorgtd.com/signup
It is a read only web client to Omnifocus
Support for the new encrypted database format is available

Last I knew, the web version of OmniFocus wasn’t even on the roadmap. That may be why so many people (myself included) have looked at building tools to brute force it.

Edit: There’s also this project to keep an eye on: https://webfocus.io

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OmniFocus 1.0 first appeared on a Mac. When the iPhone was first announced, Apple originally intended people to use HTML and your web browser as an app environment. But enough people petitioned for a native app environment. There was talks about creating an HTML5 version of OmniFocus. But that was most likely cancelled when the iPhone Software Development Kit was announced and programmers started creating native iPhone apps.

The last I remembered, buried deep in these forum threads, Omnigroup said they are not working on an HTML5 version. They have their hands full with the iOS and Mac versions. But if you shoot an e-mail to omnifocus@omnigroup.com, you might just boost up the feature request vote tally a bit higher. Good luck.