Hopes for Omnifocus in 2017

I realize that the 2017 roadmap has been published but I want to voice my OF desires in the hopes that some (if not all) find their way in. Would love to hear if these represent pain points for everyone:

  • Navigation in IOS. I think there is a lot of room for improvement here. Effective use of long press or 3d touch rather than so much swiping in order to access common functions. I would love to see either a sidebar (such as the perspectives bar on the left hand side in the MacOS version) which can be accessed from anywhere with a swipe to the right. Or maybe a persistent bottom bar with popup menu access to things. However it happens I think it could be much better.

  • MacOS - View Inbox/Projects list simultaneously. This just seems an odd limitation.

  • MacOS/IOS - Forecast view. I love forecast view. Or at least I want to. Specific to MacOS I really want the view to be cleaned up. I get really confused visually looking at it: specifically calendar events. Everything seems to read top-down but then calendar events read left to right. I just want a top down list of events similar to fantastical. Also hate it how tasks with due and defer dates appear twice (if show defer is enabled). I would love to be able to stack custom perspectives here. Maybe overdue followed by flagged follow by waiting for example.

  • Timer integration or functionality. Not sure how tough it would be to build in, but the ability top start/stop timer per task and provide some analytics/reports would be very very welcome.

  • Would like an advanced perspective criteria. Something like “this and that but not that or that with these contexts starting in 9 days” etc

  • Ability to colour tasks or projects based on criteria/context.

  • more defined titles in IOS (I find that project and context headings get very difficult to distinguish from tasks if brightness is not at or close to 100% which I never use due to burning retinas and battery waste)

  • Dropbox/iCloud drive etc. integration for file attachments.

  • Focus in IOS. I try to use focus to avoid make so many perspectives, rather than work waiting & home waiting for example I can have just waiting and use focus to show either work or home specific. Works great! On MacOS. Not available on IOS. Really need this. Else just take it away from MacOS as its just annoying.

One more…location activated focus (edit: changed from context to focus). This could be cool.

I think thats all ;)

Let me know if you agree!



Perhaps you mean “define/create on macOS” but location activated contexts are able to be set and used in OF on iOS.

Yes that’s true. I think I was picturing more of location specific “focus”. Basically when I’m at work show me just work and nothing else…but now that you mention it I think its probably pretty much possible as you describe.

I love making custom perspectives. I can create one for a specific period when the situation calls for it. When I don’t need it anymore, I can just delete it.

You can keep your perspectives list as many or as few as needed.

Ya me too up to a point. I prefer the option (which already exists in MacOS) to use focus as a top level area of focus which means I only need 1 waiting perspective and 1 waiting context vs redundant contexts and perspectives for work/personal/studio etc. I have found that (for me) focus is the best way to keep primary areas of focus separate. Not having this on IOS imho renders the feature useless. Maybe there is a better way that I am missing?

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I personally hate the way in IOS it is a royal pain to get nested project tasks. Wish someone figures out a way for this as I am using iPad Pro more and more as a desktop replacement.

this is pure <3

How about making a “Work” perspective that just focuses on work projects or focusing only on the “Office” context. Or a “Home” perspective that focuses on home projects or on the “home” context?

This is what I have.

Well, now that 2017 has just a handful of months left, this is probably something to hope for in 2018.

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