Horizontal view

I’d love to see an option for horizontal presentation as available in several other outlining programs (e.g. Tree). Would anyone else find this feature useful, or has there been any discussion of including it?

i like this feature in tree and would love to see it in OO. I don’t use Tree so much because of its lack of styling options, something OO excels at - but Tree is cool - like a bridge between mind-mapping and outlining.

Exactly, I thought about buying Tree for awhile before pulling the trigger on Omnioutliner, but was essentially talked out of it by the fact that I couldn’t change the styles of the lovely columns that one gets with the horizontal view.

Agreed. I think OO is the better, more powerful application, but that horizontal view in Tree is so useful. I think, in part, because you can see more subtopics (displayed to the right vs below), which can reveal patterns in the text.

I had to submit my analysis of several training modules at work, and using Tree made things clearer to everyone at the meeting. They could see the current pattern (and errors) as well as quickly comprehend my proposal for a new structure. One guy immediately bought Tree after the meeting.

Column titles are a nice touch too, as is focusing by opening part of the outline in a new tab. It looks like focus of some kind is coming in v5. I’m on pins and needles for it to come out of beta!