How can I create an item within a nested project?

I have a grocery list, broken down by aisle (sub projects), that makes shopping very swift. However, when I need to add something, it always goes down to the bottom and I have click edit and drag the new item all the way up to Aisle 2, for example. OF for iPhone allows you to open a subproject within a project to add an item, but this doesn’t seem possible on iPad (OF1 or OF2). Am I missing something? Thanks!



Anxious to hear the answer. Every time I make sub-projects/action groups, I end up un-making them. It’s too hard to get stuff into them.

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Agreed, bright. I usually just do it on the Mac, then sync. :) I’ll submit to support if someone on the forums doesn’t know the answer.

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You don’t miss anything; adding a subitem was always a nightmare on both iPad and iPhone–and still remains so with Omni2 for iPad.

My detailed post on how difficult (still) is to deal with hierarchies:

It would be good to have the top and hold feature to create subtasks within group items…


Amen to that brothers and sisters (and I’m not religious).

I don’t consider myself fearful of user guides, but when I have to swipe through pages of a manual just to learn how to add a subtask in a ToDo app, something is not right in the world.

There’s a lot to be said for Usability and Discoverability in UX.

I’d also like to add that Common Look & Feel across multiple platforms is mandatory for success nowadays. Take a long, hard look at what the “Kids in Berlin” are doing. I’m not promoting them, but they’re doing something very interesting.