How can I create projects from the inbox?

This is similar to Can I drag items from the inbox to a project or context? but a little more direct. What ways are there to turn an inbox item into a project?


I posted in the other thread too, but yes, this is my real question. I don’t see much point having an inbox if it’s nothing more than an isolated single-action list.

We’re working on ways to make this workflow better. Sorry about the inconvenience.

In the meantime, one work-around is to open a second OmniFocus window showing the Projects tab. You can drag an item from the Inbox in one window to the projects sidebar in the other. We know that’s awkward, but hopefully it will help during the test.

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From the Inbox view, you can drag the Action onto the Projects tab on the left pane, which will create it as a Project. Does this work for you?

When I try this on the latest build its not working.

It just worked for me.

One of the most fundamental tasks in a typical Omnifocus workflow is brain-dumping to do items into the inbox, and then moving them into projects. In the v2.0, it has become less obvious, more difficult , and more time consuming to do this, since the project sidebar from v1.x is now only visible when the user switches modes in the sidebar. What I would like to do, is drag and drop inbox todo items into specific projects, but this cannot be done in the newest version. I can select each item one by one and assign a project, and then clean up, but this is more tedious and less intuitive than a drag and drop. I can drag and drop inbox items into the projects sidebar tab, but it puts them in the same level of hierarchy as my main projects and project folders.

Proposed solutions:
1. allow users to switch from inbox to projects via keyboard shortcut in the middle of a drag and drop operation. This would allow users to drag multiple items from the inbox into a specific project.
2. allow the sidebar to act in a similar fashion to the finder’s ‘spring-loaded’ folders. This would mean that a user could select items in the inbox, drag them into projects, and hover over projects for a second or two, and then the projects sidebar item is activated, which shows the projects list, which then could then allow a drop operation.


As others mentioned (and in the main thread on this), there are workarounds for the drag and drop issue.

If you are acting how to make an action item in your inbox a project…you can do that too just like in OF1 :) You can make any action (located in the inbox or otherwise) a project by clicking command-! (command-shift-1).

This creates a new project with the title the same as the action title, puts you in the project perspective, and selects that project…ready to add actions.

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Why not simply make the project hierarchy visible in the Inbox sidebar? This would allow drag and drop from the Inbox into the hierarchy.

Thankyou babblingdweeb, this massively eases my workflow!