How can I group perspective by certain tags

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I am creating custom perspective for starting a day to show tasks from the top tags (say, “express”, “red priority” and “something small”). Basically I just want to see tasks from these folders next to each other to pick some tasks from these lists to actually form a day plan.

That works well if tasks have only these tags, but if they have more tags (e.g. “small”, “@Arasmus”, “@Office”), then grouping by tags makes a mess.

How can I group perspective only by some tags?


That’s not currently possible, but I know some people (including myself) have emailed this request into the OmniGroup so I would recommend you do the same - more votes = higher up the review list!

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Hi! It is not possible right now. I think it is so much better to do using planer. I also used to think it’s unconviniet in the past untill I found this one which is basically perfect !!! Try it too)

rosemaryjayne, do you mean that there is some sort of a feature request list or do you suggest just emailing them with just “I want this kind of grouping”?

There’s an internal feature request list, you just tell them what you want and they’ll match it up.

Okay, got it. Where do you send such requests? is the address!

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