How can I put the name under the icons?


When I customize the top bar of OF I would like it to display the name of the perspective.


Is this possible?

Thank you!

No, the toolbar being used is one that doesn’t allow text. If you need more icons (for uniqueness or better meaning) then you may want to take a look at this icon set made by a fellow OmniFocus user.


Thank you Rose Mary! :)

This pack icons is beautiful ^^

Thanks and good day!

Excuse me: can somebody tell me how can I install all icons to OF3 Mac? :) (not although iOS)

Yeah, I need to add Mac installation instructions. Sorry!

For my icons, the easiest thing is to go to the website, select a color, and then drag the icon you want right from the browser onto the icon in the Perspective Editor window. There’s a quick video example of that here.

Alternatively, there’s a button at the top to download the entire set. All of the new icons are in the v3 folder, and you can drag them from the Finder the same way as above, or click the arrow on the bottom right of the icon picker and select “Choose File…” at the bottom.

Hope that helps!