How can I set a range of dates for a task?

For instance, I want to start a task on Wednesday, September 18 and complete it on Saturday, September 21, with the task showing on all the days in between. Is this possible?

To clarify, is this a single task/action that you’re going to do over the course of multiple days, or it is an action that you’ll do repeatedly on each day in this date range?

If it’s the latter, you could set it to repeat. You can’t currently set an end date for a repeat, so would need to manually stop repeating when this action is no longer relevant. Alternatively, you could use an AppleScript or Shortcut to create actions within this range for you.

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Depending on how you look at your database, you could:

  • defer the action to Sept. 18
  • make it due Sept. 21 (assuming it is actually due, and not just desirably done by then)
  • have “due soon” set to three days in settings/preferences

I like having a longer (three to five day) due soon setting, myself, ensuring things show up on my radar well before the due date happens, and then consciously deferring them if I have deliberately decided to not start work on them just yet.

The other aspect of the database that merits consideration if you do this is to make unavailable (through deferral or on hold status) all the actions you’ve decided you’re not working on to focus on the one(s) you are.

Hope this helps! But also @timstringer’s approach is also a very viable one, too.



I know EXACTLY what you are asking. Not possible currently, no idea when this will be implemented by Omni team. Not on their roadmap.

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