How can you move a whole task hierarchy?

I have just gotten OF 3 for Mac, putting it on par with OF 2 for iOS. I am in the process of refactoring Tags. I had existing Context-based tags that had a hierarchy of things like, Places : Technology : Mac. I want to move the Technology hierarchy to the top level of the hierarchy. I see how you can move a tag at the bottom of the hierarchy from its Inspector pane, but I don’t seem to get that option with an enclosing tag (ie, one farther up the hierarchy).

Is there a way to do this, or do I have to do this one-by-one for each tag at the bottom of the hierarchy?

Thanks, David

Hi David!

Open the Tags perspective (or press ⌘3), and then you can click and drag the outer tag that you wish to move (so, Technology in your example) to whatever other location in your Tags hierarchy you wish (including the root), indicated by the length of the line OF places underneath your drag gesture. You can also select the outer tag and use Organize > Outdent (⌘[ ) to move it and its hierarchy closer to the root.