How do I clip email items to the Inbox in v2?

I don’t know why it is so complicated to send a mail link into OmniFocus. I do not need the mail content in the notes section. What I need is a link to the original message.

Cultured Code’s Things is able to do exactly this for years. You only have to highlight the subject heading and choose “Send to inbox” in the OS X service menu. Then you get a new task showing the subject line and a nice little backlink in the notes section.

Still waiting for this in OF.

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@Thomas i just tried ‘send to omnifocus inbox’ from the services menu - and the quick entry box appeared. the whole message was there, but at the top there was a link back to the original message. so i was able to delete the message contents leaving the linkback only. i also tried highlighting the subject - this transferred to omnfocus inbox with the email subject as omnifocus action title, and a note containing a linkback to the mail message only.

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Worked for me to.


@kened Yep, that works. Thanks.

Funny little bug: If OmniFocus isn’t running yet and you are trying to send something to the OF inbox, two different instances of OF 2 starting to launch. One of them “survives”, the other one causes an exception that force you to quit the app.

Possibly related to a known-issue in OmniFocus 1 where invoking via Services will cause the process to not start cleanly.

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Hoping that someone can help me with this. I have OF1 installed and renamed to OmniFocus 1, I also have OF2 installed as plain old OmniFocus. I’m sure a similar setup to many of you.

I’m trying to make Clippings work with OF2 but every time I try my Mac tries to launch OF1.

In the Services many of my System Preferences, there is only one OmniFocus: Send to Inbox which appears to be for OF1 as no matter how many times I delete the shortcut in OF1 and then go from OF2 to set it up it only affects OF1. I’m obviously doing something wrong, but have no idea what or how to make it work with OF2.

I agree. Email OmniFocus at to get this on their list for consideration.


Had the exact same problem, symptoms and the same message in console. Tried also a reboot and it also worked! Seems that reboot clears something stuck in the OF2 Services port

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Aha. Well, I am not on your payroll, but I’ll do the job for you if you’re too busy to do it yourself ;-)

Very kind, thank you. :-)

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I find this still works for me:

I’ve bound it as a Quicksilver trigger but I think I’ll move it to Better Touch Tool. Quicksilver is really great at a lot of stuff but triggers are one of the problem areas for me.

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FWIW, The “Create Omnifocus Task” service works fine from Airmail


Through working with services, I’ve been able to send the email to the quick-entry window but do not have the link-back to the original message.

If you’ve had success with this, please post how you accomplished this!


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If I select an email in Mail, and right-click, there is no services menu. From the Mail > Services menu, it says No Services Apply. So how are you-all doing this?

I think i know the solution. Here’s how you do it.

You either:

  1. double click the email title so that the title would be highlighted. And then right click > service > omnifocus 2 send to inbox

  2. or click any text in the email. and do the same as above

You must selected text not just clicking on the email itself.

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Send to Inbox does nothing for me. No pop up, no task in Inbox. Nothing happens. This is in Mail, Devonthink Pro and Chrome. I guess wont work in any app.

EDIT: I think the service was an OF1 service for me. After a restart, OF1 send to inbox is gone, and OF2 Send to inbox is there

I have tried this and as much as it works right away, Omnifocus2 is trying to link to the Inbox mail message, which completely defeats the purpose since once the message is imported in OF2, I want to be able to move it to archive…

Not all of us started with OF1 so is there a way to get an actual link on the clip-o-tron applescript please? The “install from OF1” solution doesn’t work for me :(

Thanks for the help

ok, i might have something that can solve amityweb and dels problem. Just saw this article but you will need keyboard maestro for this unfortunately. It uses omnifocus mail box feature to clip the mail, together with the “local address”, and also archive the mail automatically once its in omnifocus.

Thank you Jared! That solved some of the confusion I was having when OF2 and OF1 were competing with each other. I appreciate your insight!

ok, shawn blanc just posted a script that solved all my problem without going for omnifocus mail drop sync. From shawn blanc twitter below.

Here’s a link to:


Plain Text:

(Let me know if it does/doesn’t work.)