How do I Copy and Paste an Action into a different project?

When I copy an Action in one project and try to paste it into another project it only creates a new project from the action.
The only way I have found to copy and paste an action is to duplicate an action and then drag it to the project I want to copy it into. Am I doing something wrong or is the only purpose for Copy and Paste is to convert an Action into a Project.
This is when you use copy from the “Right Click”/“CTRL Click” menu or the Edit Menu or Command “C” to copy and Command “V” to paste.

I simply want to copy and paste an action. Why doesn’t this work?

Select an action in the project you want to paste the action into before you paste it.

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I think I understand a little more, if you are pasting into a Project that has no Actions you must create one and highlight it, then Paste, then delete the extra Action. Generally when you highlight something and paste, the thing highlighted is replaced, not so with OmniFocus. It is a little counter intuitive, but I will get used to it. Thank you “Jan_H”. I also learned in the process that if it gets pasted wrong it can still be dragged into the project,(changing a project into an Action).

I also found it a bit strange but got used to it.

In OF for iPad, I can select an empty project and paste an action!
There is no need to create a blank action just to past a needed one.