How do I create a "Contact card" in OmniPlan?

I’m trying to create a set of contacts in OmniPlan as I use the same sub-contractors time and again. In the “creating and deleting resources” of the “help” guide it states “Drag a Contacts card into the resource outline to create a Staff resource that collects its contact information from the Contacts.”

However when I enter “Contact Card” into the help feature the response is “No help topic”.

So the question is, how do I create a contact card?

Isn’t the help guide referring to macOS’s built-in, and the contact cards it contains?

@Sconstruction The OmniPlan manual is referring to the contact cards in the macOS Contacts application (this application was called Address Book in previous versions of OS X).

Thank you both! I’m new to this and am hoping it will be what I need. Many more questions to come … I imagine! :)