How do I find my license for OF1 for Mac so I can buy OF2 for Mac?

One needs the license from OF1 for Mac to upgrade to OF2 for Mac, but even when I click Omnifocus | Licenses it just gives my name and the date of the license but not the key itself. My past support emails seem to have a license key in the subject heading, but it did not work when I copied and pasted it in the purchase wizard for OF2 for Mac. I’ve emailed Omnigroup, but I’m guessing they are backed up now, and I’d like to find this out before my OF2 trial expires.

You can retrieve your license by going to this page and entering the email address your license was registered/purchased under:

Note that the license(s) will be emailed to that address. If you no longer have access to that address, you’ll need to contact us with enough information for us to find your licenses and confirm your identity, and we can update the email address in our records. (I realize that you have already emailed us; I don’t know the status of that request, but you’re correct in thinking that we’ve been pretty swamped since the OmniFocus 2 release.)