How do I get my flagged tasks to be at the top of my context lists

I have flagged a number of tasks and would like them to appear at the top of my context lists. How do I make that happen? When I’m in a context e.g. Home I want to see the flagged ones at the top of the context so I can attend to them first. Thank you

You mean all Flagged on top, then your normal groups? Not possible, I believe.

Only way that I can think of is setting your Perspective to have grouping by flag. Would that suffice?
Edit your perspective (^⌘P) to have this setting:
Presentation > Group actions by > Flagged

Alternatively, you can Sort by Flagged, so to have the flagged tasks on the top of each group.
Presentation > Sort Actions by > Flagged

In Contexts, sort by > Due Date and Flagged (see very bottom of view menu below)


Thank you for both replies. Yes what is in this screen shot is what I am after, However being new to OF2 I’m not sure where that option is. I’ve had a look in preference but not there. Is this OF1 for Mac or can I do this in OF 2. Sorry for being such a novice!!

Found it! thank you both for your replies.

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