How do I keep checked items visible until I choose to hide them?


I would like to be able to keep my checked items visible in Forecast view throughout the day, so I have a snapshot of what I’ve completed. Is there a way to keep checked items visible? I haven’t been able to find that preference.


In the Preferences window, go to the Organisation tab.

Change the option for “Clean up changed items” to “when changing views.”

There should be a “Completed” perspective that is one of the pre-built perspectives. You can sort this perspective by “Completed” date and see what you have completed today.

Hi Wilsonng,

Thanks for the reply. Can you tell me how to filter by today’s date? I looked into the Perspective under filtering and there’s no option for filter by today’s date. Is there another way to do this?

Thanks so much,

Hi @manjusri,

The built-in Completed perspective should already be sorted by date with the most recently completed items appearing at the top. Each section can be collapsed, so if you’re only interested in today you could collapse the other section groups. There isn’t a way to filter for a specific date though.

If you’re still having trouble with this, it may be easier to work through together one-on-one via email or phone. If you’d like to do that you can email us directly at and call 1 800-315-6664.

Hope this helps!