How do I link to rows in an exported file?

I am using OO 4.3 Pro.

I see tantalizing references to “Cross-Reference with Row Linking” and “Reference Linking” and “LinkBack” on various pages at or in the menu. But I don’t understand how these things work and can’t find much in the help docs.

Perhaps I’m misunderstanding the features. What I’d like to be able to do is link from one point in a document to another point in that same document. I’d like to export this as dynamic html and as a Word doc and have those links work internal to those files. Is that possible?

Right now when I add a link and export a dynamic html, open the index.html page, click on the link I’m brought to . . . that point in my .oo3 file. Cute . . . but not of any use to the people which don’t have that file, the ones for whom I’ve created the dynamic html export. :-]



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