How do I register OmniFocus 2?

I have a license for OmniFocus 1, which doesn’t work for OmniFocus 2. I presume that it will be a paid upgrade.

I don’t want to revert to the standard version (as opposed to the Pro version listed in the OmniFocus menu) while I am testing/using version 2. I am happy with the current test versions of 2, and I would prefer to pay my upgrade fee now (ensuring that the test version doesn’t change my Pro trial into a standard one) and move forward with version 2 as my solution.

I tried using the Buy OmniFocus 2 menu item, but that takes me to the normal store, where only OmniFocus 1 is available. Ken Case! Are you listening? I have an upgrade fee waiting for you sooner rather than later.


There’s a special licence for OF2 test, which you get when you register for the test programme. If you didn’t register, then you should. If you registered and lost your key, contact Omni. There’s more detail here:

You can’t but it yet - it’s not actually on sale

Nick—I registered for the original private test, and I got my username and password back then (which allow me to download the private test builds). No key was included in the welcome e-mail, nor is there one on the download page. By key, are you referring to the username and password? If you got a license key, how did it arrive? In a second e-mail from OmniGroup?

I realize that OmniFocus 2 isn’t on sale yet. That is the reason for my post. I want to give OmniGroup money, so I can license the product now, and then I can forget about budgeting for it in the future.

Sorry for the confusion - yes, I meant the username/password.

The blog post I linked to has something to the effect that, after a certain date, buyers of OF1 will get OF2 as a free update. Other than that, no way to license OF2 until it 'a released in June.

Thanks for the clarification Nick. For a moment there, I had thought that I had missed something. Eggs belong on toast more than faces. :)

Well, I would posit that OmniGroup can sell licenses as soon as they choose to do so. It looks like the licensing system is in place and functional in the current builds. They may just need to generate some new keys, and be able to sell them to testers afterwards. When I worked for a game publisher, I was able to generate fifty thousand unique license keys in a hour, so this type of thing is possible.

And it would put revenue in Omni’s coffers, which I suspect is a good thing from their accountant’s perspective.

I am sure that they will want to test them at some point before the release in June. By my starting this thread, I may get their attention, serve my interest and it helps them to boot. Not a bad idea, right?

Open discussions can lead to creative solutions. “No way to do…” discussions tend to shut down solutions.

Yes, OmniFocus 2 will be a paid upgrade. More details are available on this support page.

I can’t promise exactly how we’ll do this release, but in the past we’ve automatically sent licenses to folks who qualified for a free upgrade. Then we post the final build to our website, and add it to our store and the Mac App Store for purchase. We’ve given everyone a 2 week trial period when they download a released version of the app. Within that trial period, you can switch freely between Standard and Pro. We’ll likely do something similar this time.

Thanks Lizard!