How do I rotate text and objects in version 6.5.2?

I have a swim lane template but would like to rotate some objects to better fit a horizontal orientation of some of my flow…

I can see many other uses to rotation

Found my own answer… under Geometry. A small rotation wheel.

I was expecting to be able to rotate by clicking on an object’s corner like other programs.

You can also hold down the Command key, and then use a selection handle to rotate the object. The Inspector is definitely useful, but not the only way to get it done!

OmniGraffle: Moving Objects

Thank you! Nice to know!
I did a search under the Help menu, typed in the word “Rotate” before I posted my question.
The search result came up blank, BTW. Guess I can make that a feature request for fellow newbies…
Not much on the subject in Google, either.

Sorry about that!

We’re in the process of making the in-app help searchable, but it’s a longer process than we originally hoped. The good news is that both our web and iBooks versions are searchable; hope that helps!