How do I use "speech" in Omnifocus. It's greyed out

How do I use “speech” in Omnifocus. It’s greyed out.

Can you tell us a little more about the state of the app when you’re trying to use speech? Are you in any particular perspective? Is an item selected? Do you have focus in a text field, either in the main outline or in the inspector?

For me, the Speech menu contains a couple submenu items, and Begin Speaking is only available when I’m editing text in a text field somewhere. Maybe you could try editing an item and check again?

Hi Teki,
You really know your stuff! I’am a very rudimentary user of an organizational system that could land someone on Mars.
After I absorb your thoughts, I’ll try and see if I can plug speech into what I do with OF. I run a consulting firm and a very large and complicated family but I’ll see if I can give it a decent try. I’ll let you know how it work out You were very kind to answer my plea.