How do OmniFocus Users Deal w/ Recurring Actions and Projects on a Daily and Weekly Basis?

Hi all

So I’ve been using omnifocus for years now, almost ten years actually and since then I’ve always tried new approaches to those recurring actions that are essentially maintainance such as:

Read (daily)
Meditate (daily)
Read to my kids nightly (daily)
Yoga (daily)
Jog (daily)
Pay bills (weekly)
Write in journal (daily)

Admittedly, these recurring actions/projects have lived in a separate app called Sciral Consistency, which is simple and bare bones. A sort of checklist spreadsheet where I can track my progress. The issue with that app is that it hasn’t been updated in years and no wireless syncing is available; only through iTunes can it sync to the desktop version but not from iOS to iOS device.

For almost the past ten years however, a list of these recurring projects have lived in an ‘on hold’ folder in omnifocus just so I won’t lose sight of them, but they never show up in my available actions lists.

But the issue remains, I need a way to track recurring actions, whether it be on a daily or weekly basis.

I’m dying to hear others input on this and how they implement recurring projects.

I set tasks like that to Defer Another 20 hours. Asian Efficiency Premium Posts suggests making them Due Again but that seems sloppy to me… who wants (in your case) 8 items as Due every day?

I choose 20 hours rather than 1 day simply because if I check off ‘Read to my kids’ at 8PM, then it won’t show up again until 8PM the next night, when in fact I might want it to appear earlier. This way you can do those tasks within a four hour window.