How do we feel about the checkboxes on the right?


My first point was in reference to this.

As I understood your statement to mean the status indicator in OF2 — which is the checkbox — functions very well. I was expressing my reasons for a solution within the restrictions Omni Group placed on the functionality by design choices.

I agree the new design of checkboxes as circles — by both Omni Group and Apple — challenge the traditional sense of this element. Omni Group added to this trend and attached additional roles which is complicating the issue on large displays. It could be interesting if others prefer the checkboxes from OF2 for iPhone or Reminders in iOS7; both are circles, but Apple maintains the tradition of left-hand side placement and uses other elements for communicating priority (also on the left-hand side). I will leave the discussion of primary in regards to task management for another time.


I’m in agreement with those that prefer the check boxes on the left. It’s much easier for me to scan down through the list without having to scan to the right to see the status of a task. I’m also in agreement that the circles, if left on the right, are too large in size and seem awkward looking as compared to the rest of the task window.


I agree that restoring red/orange text for overdue/flagged items would be great.

One thing that is odd about the new checkboxes is that flagged items that are overdue are half-orange/half-red, which makes it harder to see which flagged items are overdue than which unflagged items are overdue. One would expect that flagged items would be the most crucial to call out if the due date deadline was missed, but instead it is the other way around.


This is a good example of how people’s visual perception varies. I’m looking at OF2, and I’m hit right between the eyes (s0 to speak) by the embarrassing list of red circles with due dates in red with red background. It’s where my eyes go straight away.

I much prefer this presentation to the idea of colouring the item itself - to me, that would make the whole visual experience a mess. I always found it so in OF1, and it was one of my major dislikes of that version.

For me, this works well. I’d be happy to see options offered for those who prefer something different, but I’d very much want to be able to get this current presentation easily - either because it’s the default, or because it’s one of a set of standard themes


I feel as if we need two topics (maybe they are already here somewhere)? This one relates to how we feel regarding the checkboxes position (on the right - and count me as opposed, please). Some of the discussion here relates to the color cues for the checkbox - count me as in favor. Two questions and deserving of two topics.


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Agreed. I was just using OmniFocus (1) at the moment and I realised how I was instantly able to distinguish between the various due deadlines (red, orange, yellow) just by looking and typing at the text, without moving my eyes to the right (as required by OmniFocus 2).

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Initially I was quite opposed to such a suggestion, but I agree. Two topics equally deserving of their own thread.

It’s fascinating to see this sort of discussion surrounding UX evolving. When I first posted about my issue with data density in OmniFocus 2, I never expected such a huge response.

And to see this evolve on its own as well, spawning discussion about user customisable styles, checkbox locations, indication colours…

It’s incredible.

A true testament to the passion of OmniGroup’s users towards productivity, workflows and software usability.


This is exactly what I was thinking. Putting the circles on the left for the Mac version would be so much better.

I would even go so far as to say to make the circles the same SIZE as the old square checkboxes as well, which would help with the data density issue.

I think it makes sense to have the circles roughly thumb-sized on the iPhone version (and I guess the iPad version, though I don’t have an iPad). But for the Mac version, it doesn’t need to be thumb-sized – it just needs to be big enough to see and to click on. I get wanting to keep a consistent look across the different platforms, but I think you could still get that with smaller circles on the left.


I’m also thinking that actions and the items are to disconnected on a large screen. An option that would suit all preferences best would be to either choose between having the checkbox on the left or right and also be able to switch between round and rectangular checkboxes. But I know it would be some kind of heavy customization option.


Sure, sure. Variant mileage. Clearly, there is no support present for your combined statements (given perspective) suggesting “expanded” views are a “faulty application” in how the software is used.


I am really not a fan of the checkboxes being on the right…not at all.

My first post here and I logged in specifically to request they go back on the left…glad I found healthy discussion on this, and that I am not alone.

My reasons -

  • the checkbox is way too disconnected from the action info
  • it is unintuitive
  • I don’t care if it matches the iphone - this is Mac OSX software don’t match for the sake of matching - make it right for the OS.

Thus far loving v2…this is the only thing I would change, but it is a biggie for me.


I like both the right-side positing and the size/colour of the circles - I find the colouring very intuitive (the meaning is obvious), and I like a nice big click target.

As to positioning - if this were a paper to-do-list, the right side is where I’d tick off.

I’m not criticising those whose opinions and tastes differ - jet adding mine to the mix


Definitely like the status circles on the left side. I agree that the after picture is much easier to read and use.


Would definitely prefer the checkboxes to the left. On an iMac they are just too disassociated with the task. Plus the checkboxes to the left give a visual aid to the task in the row and help delineate stacked tasks.


I like them on the right. For me, it makes it easier to follow the hierarchy. It also allows me to do two different tasks with just control of my visual attention: 1) review hierarchy and 1) review status. If the circles were on the left, I wouldn’t be able to keep the tasks discreet.

I am on a MacBook Air 11", which probably inoculates me from the problem the big screen users are facing. But, I think we should approach the issue of line width/blank space separate from the check circle left/right issue. I’m OK with a preference choice for which side, but if not available, I’d like to keep it as it is.


Odd. Normal forms with checkboxes are usually… on the left.

I’m on a 11" MBA and it’s equally as terrible (in terms of both data density (now slightly improved) and the visual structure provided by checkboxes on the left).


We’re rapidly approaching UI Freeze for OmniFocus 2. These features are not on the short list for 2.0. They’re still possibilities for the future.


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Thank you for the confirmation (regarding the checkbox location/custom styling). I’m sure these UX issues can be discussed and debated for the long-term agenda (as Ken has suggested, with OmniFocus 2 evolving beyond 2.0).

In regards to other UX areas that have been responded to: namely data density (new update improves the situation but more can be done) and ‘one row’ interface request.

Are these features going to make it for the possible summer/autumn update?


I really can’t speak more precisely than I did above.


Well, I honestly prefer the checkboxes on the left. I find it easier to scan long lists of ToDos. I’m still getting used to it, but if I had the choice, I would certainly choose the left side.



I understand you may not be able to speak about specific company information here.

Users are having issues with checkboxes in how they are the sole element used to convey a task’s status combined with their distance from the task title being maximized on large displays or running in full screen mode. Contrary to the title of this thread, this is not a feeling for users, and a task’s status is difficult to discern on large displays with the associated separation of key information. I propose such difficulties could be addressed along with keeping the current right-hand checkboxes, if another element assisted in communicating status on the interface; such as a change in text color similar to OF1.

I have sent in my concerns, along with other issues, via email.

Can you comment or have Ken address the concern?