How do you apply a rotation permanently?

I have a grouped object made of of several parts. I’ve rotated it 90° and now the transform handles (of the bounding box) and the flip horizontal/vertical buttons are doing the opposite of what they should do (e.g. flip horizontal is flipping vertical, stretching up is stretching sideways).

Is there a way to permanently apply the rotation so that the app sees the objects new rotation as its default state (i.e. the object’s rotation reads 0° but it remains at the 90° angle I put it)?

OmniGraffle 6.6.2 (v169.23 r276662)

Not in OG6, there isn’t.

That’s actually something I requested in the “What are your wishes for OmniGraffle 7?” thread but I have not yet checked out the new version to see if it was implemented.