How do you attach a file that is not photo or audio?

…for example a pdf.

See this discussion, with a solution using Shortcuts:

Thanks. However, my simple brain can’t figure out how to use the shortcut. When I run the shortcut, I don’t see how to include the attachment.

run it as an extension

How do you do that? I don’t see “extension” as a command item in shortcuts.

edit the shortcut -> settings -> show in share sheet


Note: If the file is attached to an e-mail, you can use your OF mail drop address to add a note and the attachment.

Note re the Siri Shortcut: it’s great for adding a new task with an attachment, it does not help in the case where you have an existing task to which you would like to attach a file.

I would love it if you would raise this point with the Omni Group. Version 2 of the iOS app would let you drag and drop attachments to OmniFocus. It was one of my absolute favorite features. That feature is gone in OF3, and I’ve raised the issues. OF has not prioritized fixing/adding it back (as far as I understand) because not too many people have asked about it.

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