How do you manage teams with OmniFocus?

Hello everyone!

I’ve seen the other viral topic on the forums that hosts tens of peoples’ requests to add a collaboration function.

Seeing how slowly OmniFocus reacts to it’s clients’ feedback, I would like to ask a question:

Is there anyone here that knows (or is using) an effective way to manage/share the workload with others?

For example: I have 3 main folders: Professional, Personal and Other. Each contains what you would expect.

I currently run 3 companies and the things I need to keep track of is overwhelming. It’s hard enough to keep track. I don’t also want to do repetitive work and Add a project/action to OmniFocus, then do the same on Wunderlist, then add the events on the calendar, etc.

I installed OmniFocus just yesterday and lost almost a full day trying to make it work (because I really like the idea). But if I don’t find at least a “hack” to be able to share actions or events with my team then I don’t see how this can be a viable tool.

Over 50% of our days are spent working and almost no-one works alone, so maybe an OmniFocus veteran could give some insights.

Hope this makes sense.



1+ on this request. Would be great to have the possibility to share “projects” or maybe just “actions” with other people (co-workers or even family members)!

It would really make certain things easier. I love to have everything in one place, so I wouldn’t like to need use another app just to make up for this lack.

I’m actually using the 14days trial, and this issue will weight into the balance.

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