How do you manage your finance through OmniFocus?

Hi, I’m a beginner for David Allen’s GTD methodology on OmniFocus. I have this area of focus called finance, but I have no idea how do I maintain and control my finance status through the system. Anyone can share your method?


I use inside the finance project 3 mother tasks with subtasks, these (mother tasks) are:

  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Investments
    So this is the way i organize them, just process them in the project finance and then i drag and drop each one to its category the day i do the review.

If they are something like single actions i need to do, like paying for something just once or its urgent i just let them out of the mother tasks.

Depending on the importance this has for you, you. Can replace this for project with tasks, to skip the process of moving manually each week.

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This is definitely a different use, but I manage my finances using other tools (ie., Quicken).

However, GTD allows me to keep track of the finance things that I must remember to do:

Bills To Pay
Transfer Money
Pay Taxes (Quarterly)
Print out any Govt Statements (Social Security)
Download Credit Reports

While GTD doesn’t show my financial status, it definitely helps me keeping track of what I need to accomplish for finance.