How do you Start on the home screen instead of last opened?

This bugs me (not only OF, but Evernote also) where when I crank it open, half the time I have a question about a context (I’m at _____ what tasks are here?) or (I’m working on project X, what tasks are here?) and I have to stop my train of thought so that I can back out of several layers of projects and tasks to get to where the heck I wanted to go.

Come to think of it, it is never useful to open up OF after a few minutes and it be in the last screen I was at.

I know this is a pain, because it would be annoying if I was editing a task, switched apps to visit a funny cat video, came back and was no longer in the task. ARGH! But maybe a timeout? Or a friendly button at the top that would get me out to the home screen? Used to be I could long hold on the home button and it’d do it, but that doesn’t seem to happen.

If you tap and hold down the ‘back’ button, from anywhere, it’ll get you back to the home screen quickly.