How do you track your projects?

Good morning everyone,

first, I write a post later on why I am very happy with the Omnifocus 3 version for iOS. I do not know why there are people that they aren’t happy in the forum, but I think have already made a lot of progress, Omnifocus has many features that I like and love, congratulations to OmniGroup!

I have a doubt, for example in Things when you go to a project, you can see in each project the option of complete tasks of each project. I know that omnifocus has a choice of perspective completed, but how do you monitor your projects?
I have thought several things as:
-Writing the project as a to-do list in Mac notes (when you mark a complete task, it is not deleted, then you can have control over what you have completed).
-Write to paper every day what you have selected in Omnifocus and at night, mark the completed ones. In this way you could also keep control of everything you have done on paper with dates.

But, how do you do to keep track of completed tasks in a project for days?

Thanks and best regards!