How do you translate daily and weekly reviews to lists of actions?

I’m new to Omnifocus, and i’m in the middle of the GTD book, and I am looking for suggestions on how you use Omnifocus to plan your days and weeks. Right now I try to do a daily review on Omnifocus, and than write a rough schedule on Evernote. Every week I also do the same thing, except instead of a rough schedule, I write a categorized list of tasks I hope to accomplish during the week.

How do you all use Omnifocus to figure out what you are going to do. For instance, how will you use this to plan your day tomorrow?


LFor scheduling: I identify time-blocks of 30 minutes or more. I use the description to indicate what I want to do.

9 am - 11 am : work on building web site project
1 pm - 2 pm : miscellaneous office works
4 pm - 5 pm : admin work

At the 9 am slot, I work on my web site project. At the 1 pm slot, I will work in the office context and get various tasks done there. At the 4 pm slot, I might be doing some admin work such as end-of-day reports, employee scheduling for the next few days.

I don’t really identify specific tasks. I identify a group of tasks. It might a project or it might be a context. I batch process groups of tasks during my time blocks.

For choosing my actions: I pick 3 items from my Due task (showing overdue, due today, due soon) and 3 items from my flagged tasks.

Make sure to leave time open for anything that will happen today. Life happens and you’ll be busy getting that done before focusing on your time blocks. In the above example, I have open hours:
12 pm - 1 pm
2 pm - 4 pm

These are times for me to work on incoming work from my boss or clients.

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Thanks. I like that approach, as I should be dividing my time up equally between different projects.