How do you use the Forecast / Today Tag?

Dear Users,

I am thinking about how I could use the Forecast / Today Tags in the Forecast view in the best way.

I read this article regarding this issue:
and they say it might be used for tasks, which are not “really” due, but which I always want to be pushed along to the other day. Also they say this tag is handy for tasks which are due, but don’t have a special time during the day, so you danke have to give them a fake date.

How do you approach with this?

Also I already have a new Idea: Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could have more Forecast Tags in the Forecast view which are being pushed along? (e.g. @DueTodayButNoSpecificTime; @NotReallyDueButPushAlong @KeepAlwaysInYourMindHighPriority @etc etc.)

My Forecast tagged items are actions I’ll get done in the next few days, but not necessarily today. The tag is just a star .

For items that are due today but with no specific time, I would perhaps set a due date for 23:59 or the last time I could possibly get it done.

If these items were important to see in Forecast, I’d apply my Forecast tag and then use an additional tag for the status (i.e. @keyboard @★ @NotReallyDueButPushAlong). Keep in mind that you can drag and drop to re-order items in the Forecast tag section.

I would be careful of overloading it, though. I wouldn’t want the Forecast to become a half-hearted Review (perspective) or daily review replacement.

If I weren’t committed to doing a ‘push along’ action soon, I’d leave it out. In the case of a ‘high priority’ action, I’d consider flagging to keep my attention on it (orange!) with the intention to do it very soon.


Thank you very much, your ideas were helpful to me. I think this new feature is definitely something to think more about and to see how it fits into ones workflow. I am interested in the feature development of the users technique and also of this feature through OF.