How does Deferred Until/Due Date text parsing work in v2?

The parsing of dates in text format is worse (or different :-) compared to OF 1.

At least typing week days is missing. For example typing “friday” I expected it to the set the next friday as the date.

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Depending on Your regional preferences, the short forms of weekdays are working fine.
So in Germany that’s mo / tue / wed / thu / fr / sa / sun. I would love to have either two- or Three-letter abbreviations, but one can’t have everything at once, right?-)

Actually completion window would also be nice for this! Quick date entry, anyone?

The date fields rely on an admittedly confusing mix of localizations and the system date format. So until OmniFocus 2 gets localized, you may have to type parts of a date in English and other parts in your system’s language.

If your locale is an English one, I’m kind of puzzled as to why ‘friday’ doesn’t work for you. I’m curious to dig further.

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Thanks for the tips. I have OS in English and time formats in Finnish. It seems this combination gives me mon / tue / wed / thu /fri / sat / su.

I’ll live with that but it would be nice if it would understand a bit more formats. Btw. do you know if the supported formats are documented anywhere?

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Not that I know of. Well, if the Hit List can implement it the Omni magi will find their way into this, too ;-))