How export a CMYK TIFF?

I cannot figure out how to export my OmniGraffle diagram in CMYK format. I have selected TIFF export, but there is no colour controls in the export dialogue. Furthermore, even though I have set up the document with CMYK profile, and only used CMYK colours, when I open the resulting TIFF file in Photoshop, it’s in RGB mode!

There seems to be no definitive help on this matter, and I am pulling my hair out as I have deadlines to meet.


I doubt CMYK export will be supported In OmniGraffle any time soon. And if such a feature existed, I would personally be hesitant to use it – at least if the exported images were to be used with images from other sources.

You stand a much better chance to get consistent colors by using one single tool for the conversion, ensuring that the sam color profile is applied everywhere. I believe there are ways to set up PhotoShop to batch convert images if you have several.