How put a OF2 Task status into "On Hold" / "Waiting" state?

A project can be set into state “Active”, “On hold”, “Completed” or “Dropped” but why not Tasks? Or is there maybe a way to do it?

Like now, I’ve got a Task “How to set Tasks into waiting status…” in my project “OmniFocus 2”. After I’ve written this post, I’m waiting for answers and the task is in a “waiting” or “on hold” state. First after I get an answer here, I can check off the Task as done (Active or completed).

Meaning that I’ve actually done something (action) about the Task, but can’t move forward with the Task until a answer comes. That’s why the current “states” of Task is not enough or maybe there is another way to do this?

Any suggestions on how to do this or is there a OF2 Wishlist somewhere here for this?


The ability to put individual tasks on hold was first requested sometime around 2008 ;-) I think Ken said he was considering it for a future release, but it’s been a while now.

At any rate, it’s not possible right now. You could have a project that was “on hold” and move the task there, but this level of stuff doesn’t yet exist for individual tasks, only projects, as you’ve noted.

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You don’t need to move it to an ‘on hold’ project.
Another option is to create an ‘on hold’ context, like ‘Waiting’ or ‘On Hold’ and assign that to your task.


Try Curt Clifton’s excellent “complete and await reply” script to accomplish what you want with a little editing of the script.

First, you need an on-hold context as described by vloris.

You could have a task “How to set Tasks into waiting status…” which, when the scripts is run, gets completed, duplicated, the duplicate gets the on-hold context applied, and set to a future due or defer date.

I use it all the times for replies I await to my inquiries at work.


Thank’s all for your replies!

“Since 2008” - I see I’m not alone in this quest then, maybe it will eventually get into the dev ToDo-list… ;-)

For now I’ll try the suggested work-around script and see how that works for me.

Don’t forget that you will need the pro upgrade to take advantage of the power of AppleScript in omnifocus.

Always going PRO :-)

Even if multiple tags are coming out and we could solve the conflict with tags, don’t you think it would be still a nice feature to add especially since it has been requested since 2008? In this way we would have one context less in our context view!