How searching word_1 AND word_2 in notes



I have in one project more than 100 actions.
I have different text in notes.

Good behavior in …
Bad behavior in …
Good experience over …
Bad experience over …

I will search to bad experience.

Normally searching input is „bad AND experience“.

But this isn‘t possible in OF I think.

When the searching input is bad experience the app listet bad behavior and bad experience.

Can someone help me.

I didn‘t find a solution in help.



Additional Info

In some action is:

Bad behavior in …
Bad experience over …

In other actions is:
Good behavior in …
Bad experience over …

In other actions is:
Bad behavior in …
Good experience over …

I will search only for Bad experience.



have you tried the option to create a perspective that searches for:

all of the following:
contains the search terrms “bad”
contains the search terms “experience”

This should list all actions containing both


Thanks for feedback.
I have Standard version on iPad and Mac.
For Your solution I need Pro I think.



Ah, yes, that’s correct, sorry…


Don’t you get correct results simply by searching for Bad experience, without AND?


I use the searching without AND.
i describe AND because this is a normal syntax in queries.
When I use searching without AND the result is sometimes wrong.
Example > searching with bad experience
Result > Bad behavior in …, Good experience over …



Sorry, now I see what you mean. A limitation in the Search feature, apparently. I would have expected to be able to use quotation marks. You could use the separate Find command, but it would probably be too clumsy, as you will only find the matches one at a time.


I have ask the support.
I will post the answer.



Answer from support team.

for Boolean search operators, so it is not possible at this time to enter,…
…I have however added your feature request to our development database…



If I understand you correctly, it’s not boolean search operators you are interested int, but the possibility to search for strings. If you accept the clumsiness of getting only one match at a time, you could use the Find command (instead of Search) in the Edit menu. You could even find patterns, using regular expressions, there.

Another option would be to tag your tasks with ”Good behavior”, ”Bad behavior” and so on.


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